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WOM, which is the common platform of all maritime parties', sets out with the supply of seafarers.
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World Of Mariners

Welcome to the world's most comprehensive marine platform !
Developing science and technology supply international commercial to become widespread. As the volume of foreign trade in the world increases, marine transportation has become the most important transportation sector in the globalizing world. This makes it necessary for the people and institutions operating in the marine sector to keep up with the developing technology.

It is very obvious that in these years, even when e-mail started to take its place in history, world marine needs the requirements of the age. As World of Mariners, our aim is to enable the marine industry to perform all their activities on a single platform. As World of Mariners, think that this system where ships can benefit from personnel equipment to the shipyard process will add positive value to time, economy and qualified service.

Imagine a website. A website where all the marine trading countries in the world work together, a site where all maritime operations can be implemented.

WOM marine services, started in to operate with the supply of ship personnel. Our priority is to bring together ship operating companies and marine workers with our system which is working in the most suitable way to bring the most appropriate employer and marine employee together.

In the coming days on the WOM platform; Shipbuilding companies, technical team companies, service and repair companies, shipyards, cargo operations, will be in service.